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Newburgh is a vital and historic city with noteworthy buildings and a long fascinating history  

The culture of diversity combined with the need for preservation led us to open our business here. It took a while to find the right space on Broadway, which is where we knew we had to be in order to continue the progression of business in downtown and Broadway specifically.

HVHP’s goal is to provide affordable house parts for local restoration as well as unusual and hard to find specialty decorative items for the Hudson Valley area.

Our products come from Brooklyn, Pennsylvania and around the northeast region. Many of the more decorative items come from Connecticut estates. Architectural artifacts are sourced in Pennsylvania where Eric and I (Reggie) were both born and raised.

We will continue to source all types of building products and decorative items as we get the store going. Many of our products are also consignment, much of it from Newburgh itself.

We will soon begin carrying lime mortars and masonry preservation products. Crown molding, plaster details, and restoration plasters will also be on hand. Our store carries hard to find items that we have often sourced for our restoration clients over the past decades both in the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn. HVHP will also be offering classes in mortar restoration pointing and how to use lime based products that are appropriate for use in historic buildings with old and soft brick. We will have various experts come and do classes in keeping with preservation standard.

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